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Connecting the Dots from Data to Advanced Analytics

Fabless Labs has developed applications that are changing the financial reporting, compliance, analytics, taxation and accounting landscape. Through the use of advanced technologies like Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing our applications improve processes, reduce time to market, minimize manual data entry, and boost overall efficiency.

Our financial master data management solution consolidates information from disparate data sources and spreadsheets, while giving corporate CFO's, tax, accounting, and audit professionals the flexibility provided by today’s technology.


Enabling your Connected Factory

By integrating data across Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and Human-Machine Interface (HMI) panels, the Fabless Labs Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform delivers new insights across the value chain, enabling organizational and process transformation.

The Connected Factory has sensors, PLCs, and HMI panels equipped with Fabless software allowing anyone with access rights across the globe to monitor and control plant equipment and machinery remotely. The Fabless software integrates data generated by the connected factory with social and other traditional enterprise sources.

By combining its capabilities with Real-time interactions, Built-in Analytics and Data Visualization, Fabless Labs powers the Industrial Internet of Things.


Start Building Your Applications Today

With the rapid adoption of web, mobile, sensor and social technologies, businesses are generating massive amounts of data every day. This shift in the market requires new architectures with features that go beyond the capabilities of traditional web and hosted applications.

Fab App is the Fabless Labs cloud platform for creating Business Applications. These applications are built using a flexible big data stack with analytics and mobile applications within weeks instead of months and years. Fabless Labs helps customers roll out real time, next generation solutions that leverage analytics for enabling real time interactions.

creditcard Financial Master Data Management

Fabless Labs is a thought leader in the application of technologies like XBRL, Big Data, and AI in financial applications. Designed to handle business user driven data transformation and integration, our platform empowers users to quickly obtain critical information for strategic decisions and operational needs specific to their industry.

dev XBRL Applications

Our API provides on-demand access to filings publicly available in the SEC EDGAR database for building business applications. Fabless Labs has built applications that provide visualization of structured and unstructured data sources using data mining and analytics that leverage the XBRL standard.

globe Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Faster processing and reduction of data entry issues through the automation of manual document management processes. Built-in capability to extract and interpret text enabled by advanced technology like machine learning and natural language processing.

support Data Visualization

Advanced charting tools take complex data and make it interactive, useful, and easy to understand. Our application platform provides simple yet flexible means to create rich data visuals designed to communicate information clearly and effectively.

mail Real-time Interactions

Configurable capabilities engage users and customers in real time through in-context, geo-location based messaging in order to get the right information to the right person at the right time.

locked Built-in Analytics

With pre-built, domain specific, standard industry models, business users can leverage advanced analytic features with descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive capabilities.

Accepting Beta Customers

We're working closely with Enterprise customers and startups at this point. Please contact us if you wish to enroll in the beta program.

Beta Enrollment

Customer Success Stories

Fabless applications across industries

Tibco Software

Hybrid (hosted and on-premise) solutions for delivering real time customer engagement applications with built in analytics. Customer-projected results included a 16x improvement in execution of marketing campaigns with a projected $15 million increase in revenue.

Tax & Audit Firms

Fabless labs is working with some of the largest tax, accounting, and audit firms to design applications changing the financial reporting, taxation, and accounting landscape. Our next generation tax application allows for up-to 20% efficiency gains with the ability to consolidate disparate applications into a single platform.


Complex solutions that require consolidation of and search through Petabytes of daily Satellite images overlaid with weather data from local weather stations and sensors on the farms. Through the use of FabApp, Agralogics went live within 2 days enabling a $7 million company evaluation in 6 months.